Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Elton John - Cornflakes & Classics updates

The Cornflakes & Classics web site, featuring the musical history of Elton John, has been updated for recent and upcoming shows. Including three scheduled already for 2009! Check out the 2008 Elton John page for all the information.

Also updated:

  • Two People Magazine articles from the August 18 1975 and January 16 1978 issues. Many thanks to Elizabeth for these treasures.

  • A review from John of an early Red Piano Show.

  • Speedymjb's recap of the historic Captain Fantastic show from Madison Square Gardens.

  • An entry for a 1969 Tina Charles single with backing vocals by Elton John. I'm looking for a release date for this single. Thanks to David Burrows for this information.

  • Also from David, the addition of Rod Stewart's Gasoline Alley album (Elton sings uncredited backing vocals on Rod's cover of Country Comfort) and a timeline correction for Elton's piano session for The Hollies I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top single. I had the session a month after the release date. Now I need the correct session date! Both these events are on the 1970 Elton John page.

  • From frequent contributor Steven Betts, two ads from the summer of 2007 UK concerts on the 2007 Elton John page. Here's a sneak peek:

  • A great concert poster from Paul Canvin from Elton's Halloween concerts in Boston on the 1970 Elton John page.

And don't forget the great new deluxe remastered versions of the Elton John and Tumbleweed Connection albums... two CDs including dozens of bonus tracks. Read the details on the 2008 Elton John page.

As always, please send your album and concert reviews, articles, comments, corrections and new stuff to me. I'm always looking to expand Cornflakes & Classics!


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