Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Poem: Christ Climbed Down

One of my favourite Christmas holiday poems was written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti in the 1950s in San Francisco. I have had it available since 1997 on my web site at but I thought it deserved a reposting after 11 years.


Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and ran away to where
there were no rootless Christmas trees
hung with candycanes and breakable stars

Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and ran away to where
there were no gilded Christmas trees
and no tinsel Christmas trees
and no tinfoil Christmas trees
and no pink plastic Christmas trees
and no gold Christmas trees
and no black Christmas trees
and no powderblue Christmas trees
hung with electric candles
and encircled by tin electric trains
and clever cornball relatives

Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and ran away to where
no intrepid Bible salesmen
covered the territory
in two-tone cadillacs
and where no Sears Roebuck creches
complete with plastic babe in manger
arrived by parcel post
the babe by special delivery
and where no televised Wise Men
praised the Lord Calvert Whiskey

Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and ran away to where
no fat handshaking stranger
in a red flannel suit
and a fake white beard
went around passing himself off
as some sort of North Pole saint
crossing the desert to Bethlehem
in a Volkswagen sled
drawn by rollicking Adirondack reindeer
and German names
and bearing sacks of Humble Gifts
from Saks Fifth Avenue
for everybody's imagined Christ child

Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and ran away to where
no Bing Crosby carollers
groaned of a tight Christmas
and where no Radio City angels
iceskated wingless
thru a winter wonderland
into a jinglebell heaven
daily at 8:30
with Midnight Mass matinees

Christ climbed down
from His bare Tree
this year
and softly stole away into
some anonymous Mary's womb again
where in the darkest night
of everybody's anonymous soul
He awaits again
an unimaginable
and impossibly
Immaculate Reconception
the very craziest of
Second Comings

Merry Christmas from Whizzo

I have started posting articles on the history and traditions surrounding Christmas. I may add some topical gift reviews as well.

You can find the new page at or click on Christmas History & Stories.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Neil Diamond Picks His Gems

From the Miami Herald:

Neil Diamond Picks His Gems by Howard Cohen

Even when superstar acts avoided the region in the '70s and '80s before we scored a number of world-class venues, Neil Diamond's tours seldom missed Miami-Dade or Broward. On the heels of his first No. 1 album, the critically hailed Home Before Dark, Diamond performs Oct. 26 at Bank Atlantic Center.

Plus, he has to come to South Florida. His mom, Rose Diamond, lives here and is often in the house soaking up all that Neil love.

''Unfortunately, Dad passed away. But both of my parents were big supporters and it was nice to have them at my show,'' Diamond, 67, said in a phone interview. "Now, my mom, it's great to have her there. She doesn't watch me. She's facing the audience and seeing how they are responding. She never watches me.''

Besides being a home for your mom, what does South Florida mean to you?

"I've been playing Miami and South Florida and Florida, as a whole, for years. Since the beginning of my touring, my first professional dates were in Florida. I played Tampa and St. Petersburg and Clearwater was my first professional paid date. I love Florida. The people have been great to me. It's a beautiful state. I'm looking forward to bringing my tour there.''

Do any Miami hot spots stand out for you? Any must-visits?

"Not really. I'm down there to sing and we focus in on that. Occasionally, I have the chance to travel around and spend days off. But we're moving fast on this tour so we will do the shows and that's the focus.''

Can we count on Mom watching us, watching you at the BankAtlantic Center?

"No. Mom will be in California at that time.''

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tulsa World: Songwriter still going strong

Tulsa World: Songwriter still going strong

Review of Neil Diamond's October 21 concert in Tulsa.

"Neil Diamond is completely resigned to one point in his more than 40 years of performing: Women love him."

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Diamond gets ready to reconnect with S. Florida fans |

Diamond gets ready to reconnect with S. Florida fans

Great article in anticipation of Diamond's show in Miami on October 26th.

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Neil Diamond to receive major industry award | News | NME.COM

Neil Diamond to receive major industry award
Veteran singer will be honoured in LA
Oct 22, 2008

Neil Diamond will receive the 2009 MusiCares Person of the Year Award at a ceremony and concert that is set to take place in Los Angeles during Grammy week.

The veteran singer, whose most recent album 'Home Before Dark' hit Number One on the US chart in May, is being recognised for "his exceptional artistic achievements as well as his philanthropic work," according to a statement issued by the Recording Academy.

Most recently, Diamond donated all the proceeds from sales of his merchandise at three concerts to hurricane relief efforts in Texas.

The fundraising event will take place February 6. Proceeds will go MusiCares, a music-industry charity that ensures that music people have a place to turn to in times of financial, medical and personal need.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Elton John - Cornflakes & Classics updates

The Cornflakes & Classics web site, featuring the musical history of Elton John, has been updated for recent and upcoming shows. Including three scheduled already for 2009! Check out the 2008 Elton John page for all the information.

Also updated:

  • Two People Magazine articles from the August 18 1975 and January 16 1978 issues. Many thanks to Elizabeth for these treasures.

  • A review from John of an early Red Piano Show.

  • Speedymjb's recap of the historic Captain Fantastic show from Madison Square Gardens.

  • An entry for a 1969 Tina Charles single with backing vocals by Elton John. I'm looking for a release date for this single. Thanks to David Burrows for this information.

  • Also from David, the addition of Rod Stewart's Gasoline Alley album (Elton sings uncredited backing vocals on Rod's cover of Country Comfort) and a timeline correction for Elton's piano session for The Hollies I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top single. I had the session a month after the release date. Now I need the correct session date! Both these events are on the 1970 Elton John page.

  • From frequent contributor Steven Betts, two ads from the summer of 2007 UK concerts on the 2007 Elton John page. Here's a sneak peek:

  • A great concert poster from Paul Canvin from Elton's Halloween concerts in Boston on the 1970 Elton John page.

And don't forget the great new deluxe remastered versions of the Elton John and Tumbleweed Connection albums... two CDs including dozens of bonus tracks. Read the details on the 2008 Elton John page.

As always, please send your album and concert reviews, articles, comments, corrections and new stuff to me. I'm always looking to expand Cornflakes & Classics!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Looking for information about a Carpenters picture

My friend Jon is looking for information about this photograph. The subject is Karen and Richard Carpenter on an unknown date at an unknown location. Any tips or leads would be appreciated. Just post a comment right here.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

When the student is ready the teacher appears

I have been fortunate enough to have been working with an exceptional money mentoring team.  They are sharing and teaching unique information and cutting edge techniques for personal financial growth and stability.  Best of all, they have already had success using the same methodology -- this isn't just theory.

If this type of practical learning and team masterminding is of interest to you, there is a project coming up in the near future.  Send me your contact information if you want to learn more.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

News from out there -- beyond the environment

Now here is a man that has solved the world's garbage problems. Just tow it out beyond the environment!

He must have been listening to that old Bobby Darin song:
Somewhere beyond the sea
somewhere waiting for me
my lover stands on golden sands
and watches the ships that go sailing

Just be careful that the front doesn't fall off before you get there.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

The E Street Accordion is Silent Tonight

Terrible news tonight... Danny Federici of the E Street Band passed away on April 17 in New York City. He lost his three year battle with melanoma. Born on January 23 1950, Danny has played with Bruce Springsteen for over 40 years. His contributions on organ, glockenspiel and accordion were always tasteful and never overwhelming.

God Bless You, Danny. Thank you for the great music.

Danny Fedrici onstage with Bruce Springsteen, March 20 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

For The Love Of Harry

I must recommend this excellent blog dedicated to the music and recordings of the late, great Harry Nilsson: For The Love Of Harry

There is enough good listening here to last you for days and days...

Thanks Willard and JR Heat Wrap for your hard work and, especially, for sharing it with the rest of us.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Don't Miss the Money Boat

A revolution in advertising is taking place, millions of dollars are being earned, will you miss the boat?

I am always looking out for new ways for my readers to make more money online with less effort. This has got to be one of the smartest ways to add a new stream of income to your portfolio.

Recently I came across a new innovation that you need to hear about because it may affect the way you earn with your website in the very near future. If you don't have a website you can start a blog and benefit from the same revolution.

As you may know, major television networks are in trouble because their advertising revenue is dropping. They are losing market share at a dramatic pace. For the first time in history, website owners are sharing in the ad revenue that was formerly spent with the giant TV networks.

Advertisers like Harley Davidson, HBO & Taco Bell are willing to pay you on 100% of your website traffic to make up for the loss of viewers that the big TV networks are experiencing. This is not *pay-per-click" where you get paid for visitors that visit a link... this is *pay-per-visitor* where you get paid on every person that visits your web site!

Do your online business a huge favor. Stop what you are doing for just a moment and learn how you can earn revenue on 100% of your website traffic.

This is a FREE opportunity that is taking the advertising community by storm. and who can't afford free?

This is bigger than radio, television and all other forms of media combined! Get involved while the concept is still new. That means acting today.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

New Whizzo eBook Store

I want to invite you to a pre-opening preview of my new online store.

While I am building the site, I have arranged for some attractive, limited time only special offers. Please check them out and enjoy your visit!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My New Cellphone Makes Grilled Sandwiches!

What, your cell phone doesn't do laundry? I suggest you get down to the store this morning and get your Sumsing Turbo 300 Xi MultiTask while there are still some available!

In the beginning your cell phone made simple phone calls. Then came text messaging. Then we gained the ability to send e-mail, take photos, download music, surf the Internet, and get turn-by-turn driving directions.

Now, this two-minute spoof gives us a look at the next generation of cell phones — and a true definition of the term multitasking!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Support for Orphans Across Russia - SOAR

New blog: Support for Orphans Across Russia - SOAR

I want to recommend that you check out the new SOAR blog. These folks do great charity work for kids that can really use some help.

Check them out!